• Specialized in

    equipment for

    cargo movements

  • Experience that guarantees tons of

    solutions in movements of cargo

  • Customer service from the start of

    the project to the post-sale

    of all your products

  • Special solutions for

    special cargo movements

  • Know How in development of

    machines under orders

Bridge Crane

Bridge Crane

Confidence and quality in cargo handling.

Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane

Lower cost with infrastructure and better solution for outdoor environments.

Electrical Hoist

Electrical Hoist

Reliability that raises your production.

Moving Solutions


Rotary cranes, transposition cars, "cranes kits", etc.


Domenico Ravelli is a family business, whose activities began on December 13, 1988. The beginning was difficult, because at the end of the 80's the country presented an increasing inflation and chaotic macroeconomic policies. Despite this period scenario, the company was opened by the manager Mr. Domenico who wanted to insert himself in the business market. In order to do this, he initially had only his own project, which he had acquired and developed throughout his professional career until then for decades in the metallurgical branch and in technical and administrative management positions in the industrial sector.
In addition to the first steps without its own building, the small company was witnessing wage rises, unemployment, the cut of credit and the widening of technological backwardness in the industrial sector. At that time, in that Brazilian industrial historical moment, there were companies closing doors and growing dissatisfaction in all segments of society, stirring up the social tensions in the country.
In this political conjuncture the company survived in the surroundings due to the diversities of products that it manufactured of the structures of iron and steel serving the neighboring cities and the city in which it is currently integrated. After this beginning he went to other states in Brazil and even abroad.
Another important factor for the company's permanence in the market in the face of economic crises was the fact that the company does not have a single standard product or specific production line. Each new project has its peculiarity according to the customer's need.
At the end of the 90s until the present day, other family members gradually integrated the group of participants. Each one with its professional qualification added forces for the continuous improvement of the company.
The moment is innovation to stay in the market and in competitiveness. It is seeking alternatives for growth that will generate social benefits and economic benefits for all involved: customers, suppliers and employees.


To be a recognized reference entity in the Brazilian industrial sector in the businesses in which it operates.


Principles and beliefs that serve as the basis for the company's decisions:
  • * Integrity of all
  • * Commitment
  • * Human valorization
  • * Overcoming Results
  • * Continuous improvement
  • * Innovation
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